B2B Marketing Campaign

Working closely with the Account Managers at Nasstar, this B2B marketing campaign was designed to encourage customers to buy AvePoint’s backup software and further secure their systems.

Overall, we wanted to make the campaign highly targeted to achieve the best results. Therefore, the first step of the campaign was to segregate the data. It was important to ensure we were only sending emails to customers who didn’t have any third-party backup software. The reason for this was to make it a much easier ‘sell’ for the account managers and give them something different to talk to specific customers about.

I worked closely with a designer to create a one-pager, a detailed product sheet and an infographic that would be used in the series of emails. In addition, we used them on social media as part of a wider strategy to gain wider coverage and reach our customers on multiple channels.

I sent three emails per Account Manager. This resulted in a 29.5% open rate and a 15% click rate. Consequently, this campaign generated 5 ‘hot leads’ which lead to the company landing £1,988 in additional recurring revenue per month. 

In conclusion, the campaign delivered great results in relation to the strategy goals and objectives. 

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