Morris & Co Homes

Website redesign

Morris & Co Homes’ website was in need of updating, having not been looked at for some time. Luckily, we were able to use the footprint that we created for the Morris Joinery site to update it. This made it a much quicker and simpler process as we could simply use the design and amend the text and imagery to suit.

I worked on this project from start to finish, working across a number of different tasks. My responsibilities included editing and writing new copy, establishing what content should be kept or removed, revising the sitemap and amending the imagery.

It was also important that we determined what the website’s purpose was. We agreed it was to be an information point rather than a sales tool. We wanted prospective buyers to view the homes we had on offer, before making an appointment with the sales team. 

I worked closely with the Morris & Co Homes team and our designer throughout the whole process. This ensured the site stayed in line with the brand, whilst also improving the user experience.

Once we set the site live, traffic improved and time spent on site increased. This was largely due to the addition of an inspiration section which was home to a number of insightful and relevant blogs.

Morris Joinery Website
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