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Events and activities form a large part of the Morris Care enrichment program. Throughout the summer, the ‘cruise day’ would dock at each care home, providing a day of fun for the residents.

The events presented a great opportunity for residents to get involved in activities that were out of the ordinary. They also encouraged residents to share memories and stories of past holidays.

As part of this series of events, the marketing team was responsible for creating all of the collateral. I was the project lead for the cruise day events for two years and I loved working on this project.

As the project manager, I gathered dates for the cruise day at each home, requirements for collateral, and menus and activities for the day. I would then present design concepts and mock-ups of the invitation packs to the team.

It was also my responsibility to attend each of the events with a photographer and capture the day in all its glory. I then used the imagery to accompany a press release and form part of the social media strategy.

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