At Nasstar, I wrote and managed the sending of the monthly customer e-newsletter.

This communication was sent to the entire customer base at the end of every month. It informed clients of the latest news at Nasstar and provided them with value-add content. Every month, I included recent blogs that our clients may not have seen on social media, in addition to any relevant company news.

I also included a Nasstar ‘people series’ blog post in the newsletter, which was one of the pieces of content with the highest click-through rate every month. It was therefore clear that our customers wanted to learn more about the employees who answered their calls every day. Consequently, an effort was made to include more content of this type going forward.

Over a 12 month period, I sent 12 emails to an average of 787 recipients. In conclusion, this resulted in an average open rate of 23.9% and an average click rate of 2.47%.

The Nasstar customer newsletters were consistently the best email communications sent by the company in terms of open and click rates.

Nasstar Avepoint Customer Email Campaign
Nasstar Christmas Card Cock-up one off mailer