Vision Direct


Whilst researching article ideas for my client Vision Direct, the team and I became aware of ‘Charles Bonnet Syndrome’. During this research phase, we learnt about the disease and the experiences of people living with the condition. After that, we made the decision to focus on this for our next campaign with an infographic as the hero. We thought it would be a great way to raise awareness of Charles Bonnet Syndrome, while establishing our client as a thought leader.

We first reached out to Judith Potts of Esme’s Umbrella to learn more about the disease and to ask her to guest write an article for us. You can read the article here.

In terms of creative direction on this project, we needed striking imagery to accompany the article for PR outreach. I therefore worked closely with a freelance designer to create the infographic using statistics and facts learned from Judith. In addition, we incorporated some of the imagery that is often seen by people living with CBS.

In conclusion, the client was pleased with the work we had put in. Unfortunately, I left the company before I could see the results of the campaign in more detail.

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