Morris Care


Whilst working with Morris Care, I was solely responsible for the Facebook social media strategy and content. As one of my first ever marketing projects, I wanted to ensure I made an impression and carved a niche for myself. Social media strategy also included ideation and writing blogs for integrated campaigns.

A notable campaign I worked on was around the topic of end-of-life care. The aim was to get people talking about death and seeing it as less of a taboo subject. With ‘dying matters’ week coming up, we launched the campaign to coincide with a time when the conversation would be happening nationally.

Engagement levels on social media were good and we received a significant increase in website traffic. As an integrated campaign that combined social media, content and PR, it delivered great results.

Over nine months, I organically increased the Facebook following of Morris Care by 500%. This was a huge achievement for me and enabled me to build my confidence in this area of marketing.

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