Morris Site Machinery


This social media campaign for Morris Site Machinery used a series of striking imagery to promote awareness of using lighting towers safely.

This was an important campaign for the company because health and safety is paramount in the industry. We, therefore, needed to ensure we executed the campaign tactfully and in line with regulations. It was highly important for us to make sure the information we were posting was the correct advice. 

The social campaign was run on all social channels during the winter months. This time of year was chosen because it’s highly important to ensure the legs of a lighting tower are set correctly in adverse weather conditions. We wanted our customers and other industry professionals to ensure security and stability of their lighting towers. 

We had noticed some competitors posting similar content. However, their posts were very regimented and quite boring, so we knew we had to do something to stand out. Therefore, we decided to think outside the box and use imagery that wasn’t typically associated with lighting towers. In addition, we used a play on words to draw maximum attention to the posts. 

In conclusion, the awareness campaign delivered good results in terms of both visibility and engagement.

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