Morris Property


Morris Property required a new corporate brochure design to set them apart from the competition. It was important that the brochure could be taken to business meetings and be displayed in the office. Therefore, the design needed to be visually striking to stand out and include all the important information inside. It was also crucial that the brochure carefully underpinned the team’s experience and expertise.

We needed to ensure that the brochure explained to prospective clients exactly what Morris Property could do, and furthermore, why they were the right company for the job. It also needed to include plenty of imagery from past projects, showcasing the breadth of work that had previously been undertaken. In addition, it required compelling copy to reinforce the brand’s skillset and corporate message.

I managed this project from start to finish and was very excited to be a part of it, especially as it was my first large solo project to get my teeth into. I worked with our in-house designer on a number of ideas and creative concepts, and ensured that the property team’s ‘must-haves’ were included. Research was a huge part of the project and required me to look in-depth at what similar companies had done to find out how we could be better. In addition to this, I carefully looked through the company archives to find the right imagery and information.   

Once creative concepts had been formulated, I formally presented them all to the senior property team. Finally, a design was selected and I worked on the image selection, copywriting and printing.

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