The Nasstar people series campaign was created to boost morale across the business and involve staff in social media. I had previously worked on a similar campaign and knew it could work at Nasstar. 

The campaign profiled one employee from across the business each month in a blog. It was my responsibility to interview each employee, asking the same questions about their career each time and then translating their answers into the content.

However, it was important that the blogs were also personal and not just about work. Therefore, I asked each person about their hobbies and interests and ensured the accompanying image was of each person in a personal setting. In other words, not their work head shot!

We targeted the campaign at staff and customers, therefore enabling them to put a face to the name of the people they spoke to every day. In addition, we also regularly featured the content in the monthly customer newsletter.

An example of one of the blogs can be found here. In conclusion, the content was very well received on social media and was often the best performing post of the month. Here are the results of the campaign:


Impressions: 3,630
Average engagement rate: 10.94%
Average click-through rate: 7.55%


Impressions: 1,264
Average engagement rate: 7.38%
Average click-through rate: 3.42%


Impressions: 1,313
Average engagement rate: 16.41%
Average click-through rate: 4.93%

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